We meet as a congregation in a series of discussions about what we want the future of WUUC to look like.  The result is our future story: Empowered Together.  Grouped around our three areas of ministry, this narrative is mean’t as a reminder to help us all as we make decisions and do the work of the church…

In 2015, WUUC committed to a path of becoming empowered together. Seven years later, WUUC is successfully achieving its goal of creating a congregation focused on helping people grow, building a vibrant community and making a positive difference in the world.

Community and Engagement

Our growth is undeniable. Our people are actively engaged in the work of the church through a variety of ministries including small groups, social justice action, education, and alternative forms of worship. We have found innovative ways to include a diverse range of people in the community. Individuals are supported and growing in their personal lives. Groups are active in effecting change in the community and combatting injustice. People are experiencing greater joy, connection, and vibrancy — we are having fun together.


Our core is strong. With (more than 300 members and growing) 325 members and a half-million dollar annual budget, we have the flexibility to achieve our goals. Our professional staff helps with ministry, membership, music, facilities, education, finance, and more.

People give generously to support the mission of the church and we have other reliable sources of funding including rental income and coffee shop sales. Our mortgage is paid off. Our expanded building and new annex are a boon for our growth and provide room for more people and programs.

Transformation and Action

Our actions are transformational. Our leadership is distributed and supported by an involved congregation of volunteers. We intentionally develop lay leaders from within our congregation. People are drawn to our church by our outreach, presence in the community and active social media engagement.

We are actively engaged in taking social action in our community as well as participating in larger UUA initiatives. Our children and youth are enthusiastic about our programs which help them grow as independent thinkers and young people of action.

It’s 2022. We are WUUC, empowered together.