PrintAs the holiday spending season begins, I want to remind you that WUUC has three retail fundraiser programs, through which shopping/spending you would be doing anyway can benefit WUUC financially.

There are currently three programs:, where WUUC receives a 4-7 % commission on your purchases; PCC, where WUUC receives 5% every time WUUCies reload special scrip cards; and Fred Meyer, where small, variable amounts are paid based on spending of WUUCies who’ve registered their loyalty cards with a rewards program.

The program generates several hundred dollars per month for WUUC. All that’s required is that you start each online shopping trip at WUUC’s home page (or set up a link that does that automatically), and WUUC receives 4-7% of whatever you spend. Please note that this is not the AmazonSmile program for non-profits, which is far less generous.

The PCC program generates $2,000-$3,000 per year for WUUC. There’s a bit more involved with this one, in that you need to purchase a PCC scrip card from me (they cost $20 but are preloaded with $20) and then pay for your groceries using that card. Every time you reload it, WUUC gets 5% of whatever you put on it.

The Fred Meyer program, called Fred Meyer Community Rewards, is less lucrative but seems to generate about $25 per month. Participants register their loyalty card one time, and then every time they use their loyalty card (or attached phone number), WUUC benefits. There is no set percentage; rather, at the end of each quarter, Fred Meyer divvies up a pot of money amongst participating non-profits on the basis of how much their supporters spent.

For more information about these programs, or to reach the starting point for an shopping trip, go to our home page,, click on “Our Church” on the blue bar at top, and then click on “Support WUUC.”

And thank you to all of you who help generate a significant pot of free money for WUUC.