I have heard of the Mama Bear that mothers transform into when a child of theirs comes under any harm or perceived threat. I know better than to mess with any Mama Bear. But the Mama Dragon is a whole other species that conservative religious traditions are going to have to reckon with.

It was a woman whose daughter identifies as bisexual who told me what a Mama Dragon is: a mother from a faith that has rejected her child based on that child’s sexual/affectional orientation. A mother who not only loves her child but accepts, affirms, and supports her child’s orientation. And defies her church’s teachings. Mama Dragons are making hard choices left and right for many of them have lived their whole lives within a religious tradition and culture. Make them chose their church or their child and the Mama Dragon choses her child or children. Beware the pain, courage, and bravery of a Mama Dragon.

On January 24 at 6:30, Kimberly Anderson will be sharing her Mama Dragon photographic documentary project at the Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church. Anderson is a Utah based artist who works exclusively in large format black and white photography. The Mama Dragon project concentrates on outreach and suicide prevention among LGBT+ youth.

Photographing mothers of these children who unconditionally support and love their kids and sharing their personal narrative is the goal of the Mama Dragon Story Project. Anderson has photographed nearly 70 mothers (most of whom are LDS but not exclusively) and gathered stories to be published in book form and a concurrent traveling exhibit. Anderson has been working on this exclusively since January of 2015.

Access your inner Mama Dragon and join us on January 24.

Rev. Lo

Honorary Gramma Dragon