By Stephanie Martin
Imagine getting an email about a church activity that is requesting volunteer help, and not experiencing a ‘reply-all’ email storm. Also imagine easily signing up for that activity without having to figure out how to access a spreadsheet on the secure site. Both are possible with the help of

We will be using VolunteerSpot at WUUC, effective immediately, to improve the overall engagement process – from coordination, to sign-up, to reporting. It will also help us be more organized as we continue to grow. Specific benefits include:

  • Ability to easily find and sign-up for church-related volunteer opportunities – they are all in one location.
  • Reduced burden on volunteer organizers – simple event creation, sharable in many ways, companion smart phone app & iPad clipboard functionality, automated reminders, easily see who has signed up / what spots remain. Who doesn’t mind getting time back?!
  • Ability to generate reports.

Next steps:

  1. Get an in-person demo during coffee hour after service on April 10th.
  2. Start using VolunteerSpot – we’ve already got the following opportunities set up.
    1. Totes to Go
    2. Rummage Sale
    3. Hospitality
  3. If you organize volunteers, contact Stephanie Martin, to get your opportunity set up in VolunteerSpot.


How to search for and sign-up for an activity:

  1. Open VolunteerSpot
  2. Click the orange View button next to the activity you are interested in helping with (e.g. Totes to Go).
  3. Enter your email address. Note: it is NOT shared with third parties.
  4. Click on the Sign Up button for the specific task or item you’d like to help with (e.g. bringing Granola Bars).
    1. If applicable, use the plus and minus sign to select the number of items you’d like to bring.
    2. Leave a comment, if interested or appropriate.
  5. Scroll to the top or bottom of the page, and click the Save button to confirm.
  6. Enter your name, email, and phone number so the volunteer organizer can contact you if needed.

For additional information, visit, or contact Stephanie Martin,