Donna Johnson and Jim Jasinski are candidates for the VEN Committee and Laurie Rockenbeck is a candidate for the Endowment Committee.

Donna Johnson
Donna Johnson joined WUUC about 4 ½ years ago.  Since that time she has enjoyed making coffee as a member of the Hospitality Committee, being a facilitator for a WUUC sacred time group, serving as a Worship Associate and leader of the WUUC Worship team, and being a mentor for the WUUC Coming of Age program.

Donna is a Professor in the Nutritional Sciences Program at the University of Washington; she is married to John Hartman and has two thirty-something-year-old sons and two cats.

Jim Jasinski
Jim Jasinski is a Distinguished Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma where he also serves on the African American Studies advisory committee. He teaches courses in African American rhetoric, political communication, and legal argument among other topics. He also has affiliate appointments at the University of Washington and the University of Copenhagen.

His partner Leslie Schmidt brought him to WUUC for the first time in early spring 2013. Rev. Lois’s sermon was on Trayvon Martin, and he was hooked. He’s been attending regularly since.

Laurie Rockenbeck
My husband, Bill, and I moved to the Northwest when Bill took a position as a programmer at Microsoft. We joined WUUC in 1992 after moving to Woodinville. I have raised two children, and I currently work as a writer and private investigator.

During my years at WUUC, I have been in the choir, chaired two stewardship campaigns, co-chaired Rev. Wells’ sabbatical committee, carried the banner at GA, represented UUSC at WUUC, served as worship associate, volunteered in the church office and taught RE.

I look forward to working on the Endowment Committee as a new way to support the church.