by Gary Tomlinson, Board President

It’s been two months since the Board met on retreat to brainstorm and strategize on how best to guide WUUC towards our shared Empowered Together vision.  A number of decisions were made at this retreat and many of them are now underway.  Here is a quick update on the core decisions and where we are in executing them.

Immediate Space For Growth
I am sure you are already aware of the decision to move the children out of the sanctuary for our regular Sunday services.  The idea around this decision is to make more space in the Sanctuary for visitors until this coming summer session after which we’ll be moving to two services to accommodate growth over the next few years. The Transformation and Action Ministries are working on two service planning and how children fit into those plans.

Long Term Space For Growth
The Board has chartered a task force to explore expanding our building to meet our long term growth needs of 300-350 members as envisioned in our Empowered Together story. The task force has determined we can both expand the sanctuary and add a new two-story fellowship hall with classrooms in the space occupied by the portables.  Work is now moving onto more detailed plans including architectural, permitting and costing.  The goal is to have this addition in place within 3 years.

By-laws Update
The Board determined the By-laws are outdated and in need of review and amendment.  A task force was chartered to review and provide proposed amendments to the Board.  This work has concluded with the Board approving the proposal for discussion by the congregation at the April 24 Town Hall and a vote to be taken at the May 22 annual meeting. The proposal was sent to the congregation on March 26.  Please review this information and be prepared to discuss it April 24.

Governance Update
The Board concluded in conjunction with the Ministries Council the new organizational structure we have been using on a provisional basis this Church year has been a success and as such to adopt it on a permanent basis. A task force was formed to draft both the new governance policy and associated organizational structure in order to formerly adopt it.  Work is ongoing but is expected to complete in time for presentation at the April 24 Town Hall.

New Mission Focus
The Board realized our Church mission statement is not focused with respect to our Empowered Together vision.  A task force was formed to hone it and a new crisper mission statement will be provided soon and discussed at the April 24 Town Hall with a vote to adopt at the May 22 annual meeting.  A mission statement is very important, as it is what our congregation is held accountable to.

Budget for a Full Time DLL
Budget planning this year has been oriented around building sustainable program growth in support of our Empowered Together vision. The budget proposal being developed by the Finance Committee with guidance from the Board includes a senior DLL position capable of leading our growing programming demands. A copy of the proposed Budget will be provided soon and discussed the April 24 Town Hall, please read it and be prepared to discuss it at the Town Hall.