Early morning downpours did not bode well for this year’s Earth Day Work Party, but fortunately the heavy rain abated and allowed a tremendous amount of work to be done.

In addition to BAG members, Adopt-A-Zoners and volunteers from the congregation, there was a large contingent of Navigators. The Navigators ranged in age from 5-11 (and brought along several adults as well!).

A major project this year was the relocation of windblown debris from the March wind storm.  This project was enthusiastically embraced by the Navigators and other volunteers who filled and maneuvered countless wheelbarrow loads as well as lugging innumerable fallen tree branches, many over ten feet in length.

Several of the Adopt-A-Zones were worked on.  In the Play Yard area, bare patches of ground were sown with grass seed. In the Meditation Grove, fence posts were mended and the area groomed by removing wind-blown debris and pruning/thinning overgrown plants.  In the “Kitchen View” zone, a large area carpeted by weeds was cleared.

Among other projects, stained ceiling tiles in the foyer were painted and one ceiling tile destroyed by the March wind storm was replaced.  Karen MacKenzie delivered a repaired (improved for stability) bike rack.

Many thanks to all who participated in this springtime event.