I was asked the other day what “Voluntary Simplicity” is. I have often associated it with those of us who come from a privileged background who have filled our lives up with “stuff.” For folks struggling with poverty, simplicity is a forced choice, not an option. But voluntary simplicity is not about economic status or class. It is a way of living in alignment with ones values of stewardship of the earth and not being controlled by our possessions or the job rat race. It is about focusing on what has meaning and importance and value in our lives. A writer on the Voluntary Simplicity Blog puts it this way:

“I think of simple living as a lifestyle with a deliberate focus on paring away the unnecessary and eliminating excess. Simple living is about learning to do things for yourself and being as self-sufficient as possible. It’s about being frugal (but not stingy) with your resources and your time, taking steps to reduce and hopefully eliminate your debts, and preparing wisely for the future.

I believe that voluntary simplicity goes way beyond HOW you live and is more about the WAY you live… and how you interact with the world around you… it’s also about happiness, contentment…”

Simplicity is the theme for the month of May. In what ways are you choosing simplicity?