June at WUUC is a month of celebrations, honoring, and blessing. It is the time we recognize all of youChalice who volunteer countless hours at the church to keep it not just functioning but alive and vibrant. Many of you wear so many hats it is hard to keep track! As we say in response to the offering each week, “Some of those offerings are visible to all, while others happen behind the scenes. Regardless of how they are made, each of your gifts is appreciated.”  You are so appreciated.

And we are so fortunate here at WUUC to have paid staff that goes above and beyond from Terry Levitt who not only accompanies the choir but arranges music for them and works with special musicians. Alison Bush has been our lead teacher in RE all year as well as directing our Children’s Choir and planning full community worship services. Cora Goss-Grubbs has worked with our Junior and Senior Youth as well as coordinated the Coming of Age Program. She also works with District and Regional Staff on Senior Youth CONs. Rebecca Guthrie has taken on overseeing the Nursery and ensuring childcare at WUUC events, making them accessible to more folks. And Lindsay Rogers has taken on the role of overseeing and coordinating all RE activities working closely with me and the other paid RE folks.

It is often said that the church administrator is the person who  runs the church. We learned last year when Lori Varosh went on vacation that she is the glue that keeps WUUC running smoothly. I cannot say enough about her professionalism and welcoming attitude to all those she interacts with. She, too, goes way above and beyond.

On June 5, the youth and their mentors who were part of the Coming of Age program this year, will be leading the worship service. Each youth will share their Credo (a statement of what they believe) with the congregation. Mentors will share what they learned from their mentees. We will end the service with the ritual of our annual flower communion. (Yes, bring your flowers this Sunday.)

On June 12, we honor the life transitions of our children and youth. Out of Kindergarten into Elementary, Elementary into Middle School, Middle School into Senior Youth, and Senior Youth into Young Adulthood. The last transition is known as the Bridging Ceremony and marks the bridge from “child” to “young adult.” The advisors who have worked with these youth will speak about each one of them. The congregation will bless them on their journey into adulthood. Traditionally, members of the congregation add words of advice and inspiration by letter or note. (Please place them in the basket in the foyer by June 5.)

At a smaller congregation I served, I developed a “Keeper of the Chalice Flame” award certificate. They were handed out to acknowledge everything from serving as Board President to nearly 100% attendance at Sunday services. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by how much so many of you do at and for WUUC. You keep me inspired and wanting to rise to the top of my game. You are each keepers of this congregation’s chalice flame. And for that, I am filled with gratitude.

Peace, Shalom, Salaam,