By Alaine Davis

Are you interested in having conversations during the social time after church services, but don’t know where to start?  Are you a longtime member who wants to engage with visitors, but you don’t want to be nosy?  Are you a newer visitor who wants people to feel comfortable approaching you?   Do you have a good story you want someone to ask you to tell?

buttonIf so, check out the new conversation starter buttons, coming at the end of August.  The buttons will be available in the foyer when you come in on Sunday morning, and you can choose the button that matches what you’d like to talk about and pin it on your shirt next to your name badge.  Then look at other people’s buttons to see what they’re interested in talking about.  Here are a few examples:

•    Ask me about my pet
•    Ask me about my tattoos
•    Ask me about my religious background
•    Ask me what brought me to WUUC
•    Ask me about my crazy weekend
•    Ask me about my hilarious anecdote
•    Ask me about my fifteen minutes of fame
•    Ask me: What is your book club reading?

Don’t see the button you want?  Some blank buttons and pens will be provided so you can write your own.  This is another way to engage and get to know members of our church community better.  Try it out!