By Alaine Davis

While looking at the scheduled rotation for WUUC Hospitality, I realized that the list of dedicated volunteers consisted entirely of women.  I rarely see a man working in the church kitchen even on a drop-in basis, and this is a UU church in the 21st century!  It’s clearly time for us to schedule kitchen help in a more enlightened manner.  With the notable exception of John Hartman (you rock, John), we haven’t had a regular male volunteer in the kitchen in years.  Years, I tell you.  man cave chef - Copy

Thus it has been decreed that the first Sunday of each month will be Guys (only) in the Kitchen. Of course, the guys are welcome other Sundays as well, but first Sundays are all theirs, and the women are asked to take a break.  (If this binary system of gender identity doesn’t apply to you, feel free to volunteer wherever and whenever you are most comfortable.)

Working in the kitchen on Sunday morning consists of such glamorous tasks as:
•    Making coffee (inhale extra aroma at no extra charge!)
•    Setting out treats after the service (no one will know if you sneak one!)
•    Putting dishes in the dishwasher (you don’t even have to wash them yourself!)
•    Emptying the dishwasher (you get a free steam facial when you open the dishwasher!)
•    And more!

Best of all, you receive lots of appreciation and the warm glow of satisfaction that comes only from being of service to others.  Each Sunday we need two people to volunteer to work in the kitchen, and each first Sunday that needs to be two men.

Guys in the Kitchen starts on October 2. This lead time gives you menfolk five Sundays to get trained.  The best way to get trained is to shadow one of the regular hospitality helpers on a Sunday morning.  To sign up, contact Hospitality Lead Linda Sherry <>.  Thank you!