What a great month of beginnings we have had. Our many volunteers have worked very hard to ensure that our adults, children, and youth have meaningful programs for the 2016-2017 year. Our chlovingcommildren’s chapels and SpiritJam activities have been so much fun and I am increasingly convinced that thematic ministry is the best way to foster learning across generations in a congregational setting. In our last children’s meeting, I noticed that our children began integrating learning about the monthly theme into their everyday lives, there is no better affirmation for the work that we are all doing here at WUUC.

Many of our adult classes began in September or will begin soon. Our adult & teen offerings provide further opportunities to explore the monthly theme through small group discussion and through the lens of theology, life cycles, or justice. If you haven’t had the chance, please view our adult & teen offerings here  and sign up for a class or two. If you’ve been wanting to deepen your connection to the WUUC community, join a class and make new friends and companions on your journey towards wholeness and healing.

Our High School youth attended a powerful and meaningful youth revival in Portland, OR, the weekend of Sept. 23-25. The theme of the revival was “spiritual practice” and our youth learned about Unitarian Universalist spiritual practice and had many opportunities to engage in meaningful practices of healing. Spiritual practice seems to be an important component of our youth’s religious experience and is highly valued by millennials who increasingly see themselves as spiritual but not religious. This generation will be asking us all to find ways to integrate meaningful spiritual practice into our worship, religious education, and lives. If you have a moment, ask the youth about spiritual practice and how we might best serve their spiritual needs?

Many of us engage in the life of this church to help heal ourselves from the trauma of living in a harsh world and to offer healing to others. At least, that is why I am here. This is also true for our children and youth. The world can be quite harsh and unforgiving to our children and youth. We have a special place of Sanctuary where all can come and receive healing. In the coming months as our country closes a quspiritualpracticeite contentious political election season, let WUUC be a place for healing for all who are bruised by the harshness of the world.  As we drive up our lovely forested drive, I ask that we all set the intention to find self healing and offer wholeness to those who enter our community. Soulful Exploration for all at WUUC provides us opportunities to tap into our innate love and equips us with tools to offer this love to the world. Love is the doctrine of this church, love is the balm in Gilead that will make the wounded whole.

Don’t forget to pick up this month’s theme sheet October-Healing; it is full of inspirational quotes on healing for all, movie and book suggestions for adults and children, and a coloring activity that everyone can enjoy.