You may have noticed that the children are bringing in the light at the beginning of the service during our gathering song or hymn. Following a reading, we then launch into our Time for All Ages.

The question when it comes to the Time for All Ages is always, “Who is it really for?” Yes, it is for the children but it is also for all of us. It is a way for all ages to be in community. And to do so, we need to make it safe for all ages.

Think about how often we laugh when the children answer a question one the TFAA givers asks them. The children answer with utmost seriousness and find themselves… laughed at. Which can be confusing. I know I still don’t like to be laughed at. Laughing along with folks is entirely different. It includes rather than excludes.

So, as welcome our children back into our services, let’s be careful and tender with their hearts. Try and laugh with rather than laughing at. Let’s not only enjoy our children but rather enfold them into the community.

Peace, Shalom, Salaam,

Rev. Lo