Soulful Branding

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Greetings All,

Don’t forget to fill out the online safety information form asap. If you do it at home you can save yourself 5-10 minutes this Sunday. This form is required of all of our parents. 

Sunday, September 25th, Beginnings


Announcements for all this week: 
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Caterpillars (Nursery-Preschool)caterpillar925b

(Warm and loving care for our very little ones and Celebrating Me and My World for our preschoolers. This curriculum teaches our children to celebrate their own personal gifts and talents. From a place of feeling special and worthy, the curriculum asks our children to expand their new sense of appreciation to people and things around them)

Volunteers this Sunday: Jennifer Ikeda (supervisor), Kambria Chott, Anna Hill, & Collier Gonzales

Last Sunday: As our little bodies grow it is important that we know how to stretch our muscles. We  had some fun exploring stretching and bending on our path to embodiment.
This Sunday: I Can Talk, this Sunday we will learn about our voices and its power to speak our truths, feelings, & needs.
Next Sunday: We will explore the power of our eyes to expand our awareness of the world around us.
Announcements for Caterpillars:
  • The Nursery Parent Orientation is cancelled. Please take some time to step in and get to know the Nursery facilitators on Sunday. Also, Nursery parents, please make sure to fill out your safety information for your child here.
  • Family Game Night is postponed until November.

Spirit Jam/Kindergarten-5th Grade 

(In Spirit Jam! our youth will alternate Sundays between experiential and embodied learning based workshops and children’s worship services led by Rev. Jamil)

 Leaders this Sunday: Rev. Jamil, Barbara Hammond, Cora Goss-Grubbs, & David Goss-Grubbs.

Last Sunday:  Beginnings and Rosh Hashanah.
This Sunday: Is our monthly Justice-Jam rotation, our first rotation will be “in-house”…we will make greeting packages for our care and concerns committee to share with those who are grieving or sick and shut-in. In our other rotation we will explore prejudice through the lens of the Dr. Seuss book “The Sneetches.” Exploring prejudice is the first step in becoming good anti-racists UU’s.
Next SundayNext Sunday will be our Healing Spirit Jam session where we explore healing through music, story and movement.
Announcements for Spirit Jam:
  • Family Game Night is postponed until November.
  • We are starting a weekly children’s collection, please provide a coin or two for your child’s offering.
  • If your child would like to be a Jr. Worship associate, please sign up at the Soulful Information Table Sunday Morning. Jr. Worship associate training will be held October 9th, in Rev. Lois’ office before service at 9am.

Jr. Youth 


(Building Bridges is a world religions program to deepen youth’s understanding of the dynamic, fascinating, and varied world in which they live. It seeks to broaden their knowledge of humanity and embolden their spiritual search.)


Middle School CON, No Class, please join us in service

Last Sunday: Last week we created a covenant together, learned more about each other, and talked about our year together.
This Sunday: No Meeting, Middle School CON
Next Sunday: Introduction to Judaism
Announcements for Jr. Youth:

yruuSr. Youth 

(This year our youth will be focusing on project-based social justice learning. They will choose a project around either environmental justice, racial justice, lgbt equality, or some other topic. Together they will formulate a project and work together to learn about each issue while practically engaging the topic though project based learning.)


Facilitators: Morgan Mason, Michael Cruz

Last Sunday:  We had our first gathering, started out covenant and learned a bit more about each other. 

This Sunday: Youth Ministry Revival & for those who stuck around town there will be a gathering to get to know each other and share summer tales.

Next Sunday: Initial Conversation about our yearly project.
Announcements for YRUU:
  • Parents, all parents and youth attending Fall Con should be at our Fall CON Parent/Youth Orientation, October 16 from 5-6pm. This is the last orientation you’ll have to do this year…promise!
  • We send best wishes to our High School youth who are attending the Youth Revival in Portland, OR Sept. 23-25
  • Family Game Night is postponed until November.
  • PNWD FALL YOUTH CON – PaUUse, OCTOBER 21-23, 2016, CISPUS LEARNING CENTER, RANDLE, WA. Early Bird Registration Deadline: September 21, Final Registration Deadline: October 5. Go here for more information and to register! For information about the Youth Program Scholarship Fund, go here. PaUUse: Finding Sanctuary in Our Busy Lives: Modern day life can be filled with constant activity, creating a stressful environment. Do you have a time and place for introspection, where you pause and reconnect with what matters most to you? Join UU youth and sponsors from all over the Pacific Northwest in finding a place of sanctuary–at Con, in your congregations, and beyond.