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Sunday, October 30th


Announcements for all this week: 

* October 30th is our Samhain service as well as UNICEF trick-or-treat, dress in your Halloween best and parents break open the piggy bank to offer to our kids during service!

*Family Night! Family Game Night

November 5th 4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at WUUC

Please join us for the next WUUC Family Night.  Bring your family’s favorite games to share. There will be activities for children of all ages and it’s a great opportunity for the adults to catch up while the kids play.  The games and socializing will start at 4:30 and we will have a potluck dinner starting around 5:30.  If your last name begins with A-N please bring a main dish to share.  If your last name begins with O-Z please bring a side dish to share.  Also feel free to bring drinks to share. Please RSVP on the sign-up sheet.

Questions? Contact Denise @ or 612-702-2422

* OCTOBER IS NATIONAL BULLYING PREVENTION AWARENESS MONTH Click Here for 3 tips on identifying bullying!

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Caterpillars (Nursery-Preschool) caterpillar

(Warm and loving care for our very little ones and Celebrating Me and My World for our preschoolers. This curriculum teaches our children to celebrate their own personal gifts and talents. From a place of feeling special and worthy, the curriculum asks our children to expand their new sense of appreciation to people and things around them)

Volunteers this Sunday: Jennifer Ikeda (supervisor) and Pam Green

Youth: Teddy and Ava  

  • Last Sunday: I Can Say Thank You! Now we start to use our senses, our bodies, and our new awareness to interact in the world kindly and responsibly
  • This Sunday: I Can Ask Questions, Now we are real UU’s, holy inquiry begins here. How do we use our new awareness to ask questions about our world?
  • Next Sunday: I Can Give, with our hands and voices we can share love and give to others.

Announcements for Caterpillars: Parents please make sure you register all children, including babies.

Spirit Jam/Kindergarten-5th Grade


(In Spirit Jam! our youth will alternate Sundays between experiential and embodied learning based workshops and children’s worship services led by Rev. Jamil)

  • Last Sunday:  Story and Media Jam: Through Story and Media we will explore healing from Bullying.
  • This Sunday: Day of the Dead Chapel with Rev. Jamil and the Journey Guides
  • Next SundayStory Jam
Journey Guides this Sunday: Rev. Jamil and Volunteers
***Parents, please bring your children in costume, they will be trick-or-treating for UNICEF during the time for all ages.****

Jr. Youth 


(Building Bridges is a world religions program to deepen youth’s understanding of the dynamic, fascinating, and varied world in which they live. It seeks to broaden their knowledge of humanity and embolden their spiritual search.)

Hey Peeps,

We will be sleeping in our portable on Saturday night for our JY overnight. I’m planning to bring some Halloween movies (PG) and there will be an option to stay up late watching them or go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Zoe’s dad is coming so we will have enough adult presence but if someone else would want to join, that would be great!

Youth should come at 6 pm having already eaten dinner and bring any snacks they’ll want. Please bring a water bottle and remember that sleeping on the floor will be much more pleasant if you bring something cushy to sleep on.

Breakfast will be cereal bars and juice (I’ll bring some) unless some well rested parents want to do something fancy on Sunday morning.

My cell phone number is 425-219-3508. Youth will be asked to surrender their phones when they arrive so if you need to check in with your youth, please call my phone.

See you Saturday!


  • Last Sunday: Krusty’s Judaism: The Simpsons
  • This Sunday: Overnight!!! and come to the Samhain Pagan service in costume!
  •  Next Sunday: Introduction to Islam

Announcements for Jr. Youth:

Sr. Youth 

(This year our youth will be focusing on project-based social justice learning. They will choose a project around either environmental justice, racial justice, lgbt equality, or some other topic. Together they will formulate a project and work together to learn about each issue while practically engaging the topic though project based learning.)



Volunteers this Sunday: Jack Brand and Morgan Mason

  • Last Sunday:  CON YAAY!
  • This Sunday: Normal YRUU Meeting and begin work on our project.
  • Next Sunday: Continue with project work.

Announcements for YRUU:

  • We are narrowing the project ideas for this years’ SYG project and want everyone’s input. Please take the survey in the link below- this will allow you to rate the top 9 topic ideas. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Morgan Mason!!

Looking Ahead to the Winter Holiday Season: uuxmas


December 3 Hanging of the Greens: We will make swags out of greens and holly to hang around the church to welcome our winter holidays!

December 4 Re-Gifting Fair: This is our annual event that allows our children to “shop” for family and friends. Please save up and bring to church on that day, your gently used items that are gift worthy so that our children may participate in their own gift giving. We mark items from $.25 to $5 to make the event accessible. Adults may shop AFTER the children are done!

December 11 The Annual Holiday Gift Fair: Members and Friends of WUUC sell their homemade wares.

December 16 Carol Sing! Miss those drinking- whoops- Christmas carols?! This is the chance to sing them all. All ages welcome!

December 17 Solstice Labyrinth Walk: A meditative inward journey to welcome the solstice. From 7:00-9:00 p.m. All ages are welcome.

December 18 The service will be for all ages with a “No Rehearsal Pageant.”

December 24 Christmas Eve: We will have a 4:00 service geared towards family and children. Our 7:00 service will be more meditative filled with stories and music by Johanna Ebanks and Terry Levitt.

December 25 11:00 Brunch and Hymn Singing. Come dressed comfortably and bring your holiday leftovers to share for a Christmas Day brunch. This is a full community service. This takes the place of the regular 10:00 a.m. service.

January 1 Burning Bowl Service. Bring in the New Year by letting go of the old year and setting your intentions for the New Year.