Planning to shop or dine out this holiday season? Don’t forget, WUUC earns free money when you use these participating businesses.


  • PCC: Use a PCC scrip card to pay every time you shop at PCC. WUUC gets 5% of the amount of money you put on your card. For more information visit,
  • Shop online at by first clicking on the Amazon image on our website, WUUC will receive between 4% to 7% of what you spend.
  • Fred Meyer: Use your Fred Meyer rewards card every time you shop at Fred Meyer. WUUC will earn a portion of what Fred Meyer donates to all participating charities, based on how much we spend. For more information visit,
  • Bartell Drug Store: Use a Bartell Drug Store B Caring card every time you shop at Bartell’s. WUUC will earn up to 4% of your purchases. For more information, visit
  • Restaurants: Use your regular credit or debit card when dining at a variety of restaurants. WUUC earns 2.5% of what you pay, plus another 2.5% if you complete a review. Simply sign up or sign in at, and register your credit and/or debit cards. Then dine as you normally do.

Contact Stephanie Martin with any questions.