Royalty-free medical clipart illustration of a blood drop mascot cartoon character flexing his strong bicep arm muscles. This character is designed to be used as a brand mascot, with your logo, or as a part of a logo and is great for promoting blood drives, healthy lifestyles, information about diabetes, blood pressure, transfusions, hemophobia, blood banks, circulation, anemia, blood clots; hypertension, and blood types.

By Dewey Millar
Our blood drive community service project had a successful year in 2016. We conducted six drives at which we registered 443 donors. That brings our total to 122 drives and 7,490 donors since the project began 21 years ago in June 1995.

Nineteen WUUC members participated in our 2016 drives.  Many thanks to them and to WUUC as a whole for supporting this crucial life-saving effort.

Our next drive is set for Jan. 10, 2017.  Watch for details.