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Sunday, January 29th



Announcements for all this week: 

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Caterpillars (Nursery-Preschool) 20161002_101332

(Warm and loving care for our very little ones and Celebrating Me and My World for our preschoolers. This curriculum teaches our children to celebrate their own personal gifts and talents. From a place of feeling special and worthy, the curriculum asks our children to expand their new sense of appreciation to people and things around them.)

Volunteers this Sunday: Jennifer Ikeda (supervisor) and Pam Green

Youth: Collier and Ava  

  • Last Sunday: My World Has Birds! 
  • This Sunday: My World Has Water! Rain, Rain, Don’t Ever Go Away, Come Back Everyday. Our world is full of the life giving substance of water, we will explore the wonderful world of water this Sunday as we continue to expand our awareness of the world around us.
  • Next Sunday: My World Has Darkness!

Spirit Jam/Kindergarten-5th Grade


(In Spirit Jam! our youth will alternate Sundays between experiential and embodied learning based workshops and children’s worship services led by Rev. Jamil)

This Month

Prophecy Jam! This month we begin our Jams again with the theme Prophecy. We will divide into three groups, K1-2/3-4-5 and explore the theme prophecy through stories of the Jewish prophet Jeremiah and the metaphor of the broken pot. Each jam will take a different look at the story through a variety of activities. Our youth will do a different Jam each Sunday.

Journey Guides this Sunday: Rev. Jamil, David Goss-Grubbs, and Candace Lewellan

Jr. Youth 


(Building Bridges is a world religions program to deepen youth’s understanding of the dynamic, fascinating, and varied world in which they live. It seeks to broaden their knowledge of humanity and embolden their spiritual search.)


  • Last Sunday: ASJ Scavenger Hunt!
  • This Sunday: Buddhism! One of the most diverse religions in the world, what is Buddhism, who was the Buddha? How do you practice?
  •  Next Sunday:  Taoism

Advisors this Sunday: Michael Lawson and Lindsay Rogers

Announcements for Jr. Youth:

  • none

Sr. Youth 

(This year our youth will be focusing on project-based social justice learning. They will choose a project around either environmental justice, racial justice, lgbt equality, or some other topic. Together they will formulate a project and work together to learn about each issue while practically engaging the topic through project based learning.)




  • Last Sunday: Gender Equity
  • This Sunday: 
    • What would “Jeannie” do in the toy store conversation
    • Video about gender-less child
    • How gender is portrayed in media, including trans women, women of color
    • Gender in Education
    • Gender and gaming culture
    • Gender pay gap
    • Gender Queer/Transgender + LGBT
    • Cost of hygiene products by gender
    Additionally, please remember that next week we will do the Advocates for Social Justice (ASJ) Diversity Scavenger Hunt at Safeway and Robin will lead us in a discussion about women and the media.
  • Next Sunday: Group project discussion

Advisors this Sunday: Ashley Lacy and Michael Cruz


PNWD SPAG YOUTH CON: Friday, March 10, 2017 – 6:00 pm PST to Saturday, March 11, 2017 – 6:00 pm PST. Register now, email is in your inbox from last week. Early registration deadline for the lower fee is this Sunday!