WUUC has been invited to share a weekend, May 5, 6, and 7, on the lovely 90-acre campus of Seabeck Conference Center with 200 or so UUs from Shoreline, Westside (Seattle), Tahoma (Tacoma), Saltwater (Des Moines), Evergreen (Marysville), and Olympia.

seabeck-chapelYes, this is the weekend of the WUUC Women’s Retreat but this event is open to singles, dad staying home with the kids, and families.  It is an inexpensive way to spend a weekend in a beautiful place with a crowd of like-minded people.

The Rev. Amanda Aikman, who has been in our pulpit twice while Rev. Lois is on sabbatical,  will be theme speaker for the morning program which will also include a full program for the children.  Afternoons are devoted to workshops, informal gatherings and free-lance loafing.

Housing ranges from borderline deluxe to historic buildings with shared bath.  Meals are in the dining room of the Historic Inn — once home to the logging community when Seabeck was founded in the middle 1800s.

Registration is open now and we have had an information table in our sanctuary for the past two weeks.  Visit the website for more information:


or ask us about Seabeck at coffee hour (or any other time)

Barbara and Ron Hammond