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Tai Chi in the Sanctuary

Monday evenings (7:30 – 8:30)
Wednesday mornings (8:00 to 9:00)

Newcomers are welcome.
We are currently learning Section 1
of the Yang Family Long Form.

No experience or special skills necessary. There is no charge.  Come to one session or both or switch between the two.


  • We are learning and practicing the first section of the Yang Family Long form.  More sections of the form will be covered if/as folks in the group have interest.
    Section One performed by Nancy Lucero
    Section One performed by Master Yang Jun
  • The Yang style 103 form is practiced while standing and moving in slow motion.  It is gentle on the body and on the mind, while building strength, flexibility, and resilience in both.
  • Sessions are open to folks from WUUC and the general community, so feel free to pass the word to a friend who might be interested.
  • Can only come sometimes?  You would be welcome.  We will honor your participation and your questions, while ensuring the class progresses for folks who attend regularly.

No Sessions held in May 2017

Have questions?  Just ask.  Email (d2athome@comcast.net).