Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.
– Judith Minty

transformationdll2I believe as we age we gain a better understanding of life’s purpose and meaning. For me, life’s meaning is far too nebulous to awkwardly attempt to put into words. In our 4th UU Principle, we covenant as a community to search for truth and meaning in life.  What makes UUs faithful is that we know that all things can be known to some extent, we generally do not believe that there is some omniscient entity hiding truth in a dark corner and away from us mere humans. Mystery can always be explored, even if not fully understood. The truth is that the purpose of life is written on the pages of our lives, even if we can’t express it in words, we can feel and know it.

In the book of life are many sad endings and celebratory beginnings, endless cycles of loss and birth. Along with that cycle comes the emotional roller coaster of sadness and joy that accompanies each ending and beginning. The carnival ride of life begins to take a toll on us. As youth we are more likely to be carefree and move through the world with lightheartedness. As we age, the relentless ups and downs of life are simply exhausting.

This month as a community,  we contemplate how the spiritual lens of transformation might renew our souls and give our hearts resilience. A spiritual perspective of transformation offers an opportunity to find equanimity and joy in a life of endless loss. It asks that we learn to look forward to the hope of new beginnings. It also asks us to be prepared for all things to end. A recognition of the reality of transformation asks us to acknowledge transitions with celebration and mourning. Somewhere in our ability to cope, to celebrate, to guide others through life’s transitions, is the meaning of our lives.


Credit: Red Berry Plant and Butterfly, Shibata Zeshin (Japanese, 1807–1891)

Coping with and celebrating transformation requires that we acquire many spiritual tools. Lifespan religious education aims to provide these tools to all in our community; children, youth, adults and our elders. In Soulful Exploration, we teach each other the purpose of life in providing support throughout life’s transformational processes. Soulful Exploration’s lifespan religious education program offers many opportunities to acquire the spiritual tools needed for the many cycles of life. Check out our current offerings at Also, view our blog for the most recent events happening in Soulful Exploration for children and youth: