Thanks to everyone involved for another successful Rummage Sale. We brought in over $5,600 which will go to the general operating budget of the church. I want to acknowledge all of the people who participated in making this a success:

Dewey Millar

Linda McCrystal

Margie Rockenbeck

Lindsay Rogers

Colleen Hall

Roger Hall

Natalie Mietzner

Lanny Commeree

Lauren Soliday

Gary Soliday

Amelia King

Michael Marler

Julie Anderson

Holly Beck

Sam McCutcheon

Dawn Blomberg

David Blomberg

Terry Santmann

Sylvia Stead

Charlotte Benson

Jessica Belmont

Betsy Mawhinney

Stephanie Martin

Sonya Lyons

David Simmons

Mollie Twidale

Leslie Schmidt

Johnna Ebanks

Wendy Condrat

Azure Forte

Suzanne Dunn Plaza

Patty Saunders

Jane Mathewson

Bill McKenzie

Gregg Schiller

Bob Condrat

Chuck Bean

Grace Simmons

Jerry Bowers

If I have forgotten anyone I sincerely apologize (and let me know).

Leslie Morton