Dear WUUC Members and Friends,

The Board is excited to present our draft budget for 2017-18. This proposal is a departure from last year’s budget. We plan to increase our spending, and we expect a sizable shortfall in 2017-18, to be paid for out of our reserves.

The Board, staff and ministry leads feel that this spending increase is a bold and responsible step toward our vision of a larger and more vibrant congregation, in line with our mission to connect, engage and transform lives. The new spending pays for staffing needs, professional services, and programs that maintain our congregational health and promote our growth.

WUUC is on solid financial footing, and we can comfortably pay for the shortfall out of our reserves while maintaining a large buffer. We will not need to borrow money or sell assets. We do not risk losing existing staff or having to cut their compensation.

We will not run such a deficit over the long term. Some of the proposed increases are one-time costs. We believe that our pledge income will rise, and that everyone will recognize the value that the new spending provides. If revenues do not rise, or if the new spending turns out to be unproductive, much of it can and will be cut in future years.

Schedule for approving the final budget:

  • 5/6: Board sends final budget to congregation
  • 5/21: Congregational vote on final budget. Up-or-down vote, no discussion

You can email your questions and comments to, or to the Board president at

You can find the complete budget spreadsheet here.

We’ve prepared an explanation of the proposed increases and how this proposal relates to our reserves here.