By John Hartman
WUUC’s endowment fund received a major boost recently when it was announced that the UUA will provide a 10% matching donation for designation of gifts to the WUUC endowment fund. The UUA Wake Now Our Vison Legacy Challenge will match individual gifts of up to $10,000. It’s important to note that this includes future gifts to WUUC.  So, if you’ve named the WUUC endowment fund in your will, trust or other deferred gift, WUUC will immediately receive a 10% match from the Wake Now Our Vison Legacy Challenge.

Obviously, this is a great opportunity to increase WUUC’s endowment fund. And the great part is, everyone can participate. You don’t have to have a will or a lot of assets. If you want to donate $100 cash to the endowment fund, that will be matched.  More detailed information on the matching program was announced at the UUA General Assembly.

The WUUC endowment fund is a permanent fund for enhancing WUUC’s mission. When the endowment fund reaches $250,000 the interest from the fund can be a source of funding for programs WUUC would not be able to fund otherwise- a source of funds so WUUC can meet important goals beyond day-to-day activities and maintenance needs.

The endowment team is also creating a Legacy Giving Tree that will be mounted in the foyer above the personal communication folders.  The tree will honor contributors to WUUC’s endowment fund. And it will be very cool! During the summer a team of WUUC artists and helpers will build the tree and create leaves to commemorate each endowment contributor. Stay tuned.

During July members of the endowment team will have a table in the foyer of the church.  Please visit us to learn more about participating in the fund. We will also have articles on the green sheets in the order of service,  testimonials from contributors to the WUUC Endowment fund, and an information session during the July potluck.

If you’ve considered giving to WUUC’s endowment fund, this is the year to do it!

Your Endowment Team

Lane Owsley
Holly Beck|
Laurie Rockenbeck
Aggie Sweeney
John Hartman