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Sunday, June 11th


*Please join us in celebrating our Bridging youth in this Sunday’s service, Kylie Hartman and Paige Marler at 10:00a in the Santuary.

*During the service we will celebrate our children who are transitioning into a different age cohort. Preschool children entering Kindergarten, 5th graders entering 6th graders, and 8th graders moving into 9th grade.

*Stay a little while longer and join the Sr. Youth as they conduct a Gender Justice Assembly, where they walk us through their research and guide us in activities around gender equality! 11:45a-1:15p

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Caterpillars (Nursery-Preschool)




toxic caterpillar

  • This Sunday:  Summer Sundays in Caterpillars! Story time and Play!

Staff this Sunday: Jennifer Ikeda (supervisor)

Volunteers: Rebecca G.

Youth: Henry and Anna

Spirit Jam/Kindergarten-5th Grade

Closing Party: Time to wrap up our year together with fun and a movie.
Volunteer: TBA

Jr. Youth 


(We hope you will support your fellow youth by joining us in the Bridging Service)

Sr. Youth 


(We hope you will support your classmates by joining us in the Bridging Service)