Month Leader Date Room Topic
July Adam Sun 7/9, 6-8 pm Library Old/new Board overlap meeting: self-eval, officer handoff
Aug Lois and Lori Mon 8/21, 7-9 pm Library

Lois: Running effective Board meetings

Speakers: Rev. Tandi Rogers and Rev. Helen Carroll, both UUA staff



Lori: Hiring Policy (Job requisition, search, etc.)

Sept Ron Tue 9/5, 7-9 pm Library Discuss Long-term Growth Task Force recommendations
Oct Adam

Fri 10/13 –

Sun 10/15

Sahale Learning Center Leadership Retreat,

  • 1 VOM
  • 1 Open Questions
  • 1 5-year plan (include staffing)
  • 2 shared ministry / family ministry
  • 1 Ministry Leads structure oversight
Nov Dottie Sun 11/5, 6-8 pm Library Finance oversight, develop budget process
Dec Lois Sat 12/2, 6-9 pm Lois’s house Party!
Dec Lori 12/3 Sun, 6-8 pm Library Membership, engagement, leadership development oversight
Jan Jim Sun 1/7, 6-8 pm Library Social Justice, Black Lives oversight
Feb Ron Sun 2/4, 6-8 pm Library BAG and short-term growth oversight
March Lisa Sun 3/4, 6-8 pm Library RE oversight
April Janet Sun 4/8, 6-8 pm Library Worship oversight
May Adam Sun 5/6, 7-9 pm Library HR, hiring and staff evaluation oversight

  • Evaluation of individuals
  • Evaluation of ministry as a whole
June ??? Sat 6/2, 9am-2pm Library Mini retreat
July ??? ???

Old/new Board overlap meeting: self-eval, officer handoff

roll this all into the mini retreat in June? makes treasurer handoff easier