Welcome.  This is the theme for the month of September chosen because this is the month when many newcomers come through our doors wondering if this is the is a place for them, if this could be their religious home.

It can be a hard thing to welcome people. Once we get past the “is this your first time,” “how did you find us,” “what is your name,” “please fill out this Visitor card and name badge,” what do we say? How many folks stand around after the service feeling awkward and unsure? We made buttons for people to wear that say things like, “Ask me about my best decision” or “Ask me what I am reading” to try and make it easier for folks to start conversations.

It is easier for us to talk to folks we know. Of course it is. We often seek the familiar. But we were all once “new” here at WUUC. Many of you still remember the person who first welcomed or made you feel welcomed at WUUC. Some of you were ignored completely and took it on as a challenge to find a way in and a place for yourselves and your families.

Welcoming is not something that is done once. It is something that must become a practice. Let us practice it.

Rev. Lo