Hopes for all of you for the coming new year:

Time for quiet and reflection

Time for laughter and giddiness

Time with friends who remind you of who you are

Time with family that is all about good food and conversation without electronic distraction

Time to curl up with a good book- and you get to decide what qualifies as “good”

Time to inhabit and move your body

Time to pursue or find a new hobby or learn a new craft or pastime

Time to believe that change is possible- even for those whom we have demonized

Time to find or attend to or deepen a spiritual practice of your choosing or creation

Time that is not full of demands or should or have to do’s

Time to write a life mission statement

Time to be of service in whatever way you can find

Time to be pushed to learn something new outside your comfort zone

Time to play

Time to make or enjoy music

Time to let go of anything that weighs on you.

But most of all:


Peace, Shalom, Salaam,