Dear Congregations of the Pacific Northwest District,

We, the Commission on Appraisal, invite your participation in a brief survey to help us as we prepare to select our next study topic. The Commission serves similarly to a “think tank” on larger issues facing Unitarian Universalism. Our recent study was on class in the UUA.

We have two things to ask of you.

  • We would like your congregation to provide input for this survey, which is found at this link. We encourage dialogue within the congregation, by focus groups, board conversations, or whatever works for you. Only one completed questionnaire is needed per congregation.
  • We also are seeking input from individual Unitarian Universalists including congregation members, ministers, religious educators, administrators, etc. In other words, all UUs are invited to share their views. The same linkcan be used by individuals.

Please include an invitation to fill out the survey in your newsletter, post on your website or any means you deem appropriate.

To learn more about the Commission on Appraisal, an independently elected body of our Association, go to and search for the Commission on Appraisal or use this link CoA.

Thank you in advance for adding your voices to help us make this decision.

In Faith,
Your Commission on Appraisal