A DLL search task force has been formed to seek out and hire a new Director of Lifelong Learning that will fill the position after Rev. Jaelynn leaves at the end of this fiscal year (in June). The committee is in the process of creating a job description which will be posted in early April. A packet is being put together to send interested candidates. The committee will complete the interview process and make a final hiring decision, with input from Rev. Lois. The plan is for the new DLL to start on August 1, 2018.

The committee is led by Carol Bowers. Other members include: Chuck Bean, Stephanie Priest, Marian Johnson, Jan Radoslovich and Pam Green. If you have questions about the search, you can contact Carol Bowers. Pam Green will be available immediately after church on Sunday, April 29 at the coffee/social time to chat with anyone who would like to know more or has questions.