By Lauren Soliday
Each month I coordinate a dinner for the homeless.  I depend on the generosity of our members and friends to volunteer to donate food.  I want to try out a new idea that I hope you will all explore and join in.

My hope is that there are groups, committees or friends that might want to join together and “sponsor” a meal in the coming months.  If you serve on a committee or a group that meets regularly, think about asking your fellow members if they might be interested in sponsoring one meal for Camp Unity Eastside.

You can choose the date from what is available on CUE’s calendar – the next meal will be served on Saturday, April 28.  I will create a menu and put out a call for donations from our greater church community for this meal unless some group comes forward to help put it together. There are 2 weekend dates open in May and 5 open in June.  I usually choose either a Saturday or Sunday, but there are many weekdays available as well.

For example, say the choir (or worship committee, BAG, ushers, RE committee – bring your kiddos, or Jr./Sr. Youth, etc.) thinks this sounds like a valuable and fun way to spend their time, just appoint a lead to work with me choosing a date that works for most and creating a menu (I’m always willing to help with ideas).  You can make it an even more rewarding experience where you all get together and cook OR where everyone contributes menu items separately.  There always needs to be a few who have the honor of setting up, serving, and eating with the CUE folks.  Last year the Senior Youth did this and had a great experience cooking together in the WUUC kitchen – and their Moroccan stew was delicious and much appreciated by CUE.  The younger kids helped with prepping veggies under the careful guidance of our wonderful Rev. Jaelynn!

Any questions, please give me a call or email!! (206-714-7223 or  I think this is a beautiful way for committees and groups to have a chance to spend time together and do something meaningful and fun.

P.S. As an example, you can see the current March sign-up sheet here.  The lovely Sister Circle women sponsored the meal for March!