Another successful rummage sale has come and gone.  We won’t have the final total for a little bit, but it looks like this years sale will be one of the best with a grand total around $6500!

We need to thank so many volunteers: Lead team of Leslie Morton, Linda McCrystal and Dewey Millar.

Marlene Katz, Bill McCrystal, Chick and Aggie Sweeney, John Harman, Robert Galloway, Sonja Lyons, Natalie Mietzner, Bridget Agabra, Kathy Fosnaugh, Lanny Commeree, Charlotte Benson, Holly Beck, Winny Schnitzler, Julie Anderson, Stephanie Martin, Linda Sherry, Lindsey Martin, Erica Colmenares, Lauren Soliday, Gregg and Isobel Schiller, Suzanne Plaza, Terry Santmann, Wendy Condrat, Connie Berkowitz, Lonna Budden, Lori McConnell, Jo Raymond, Rebecca Guthrie, Dawn and David Blomberg, Janice Anthony, Doug Angell, Catherine Creel, Sylvia Steed, Sara So, Justin Gertler, Marcia Sprang, Colleen Hall and Elisha Nelson.

If I have missed anyone on this list, I sincerely apologize!  Everyone’s time, talents and treasures are truly appreciated.

I am retiring as Rummage Sale Goddess so start thinking if you are up for Sale Goddess/God for 2019. It’s a lot of work but mostly a lot of fun.

Leslie Morton