I want to thank everyone who participated in the Building and Grounds work party April 14. It was a tremendous success! We had over 40 people involved in projects indoors and out. I saw lots of smiles and great conversations going on. We took a break in the middle to have a healthy lunch and enjoy each other’s company. We were able to accomplish most of our goals, in spite of the weather. Some of the tasks accomplished were:

Clockwise from top left: Robert LeFond & Robert Galloway, Jessica Belmont, Kermit Sprang, Tom Richards, Marcia Sprang, Lanny Commeree, and  Todd McPeak & Rev. Lo.

  • Moving 10 yards of cedar play chips into the play yard
  • Pressure washing the children’s play equipment
  • Replacing stained ceiling tiles
  • Oiling door hinges
  • Deep cleaning the kitchen
  • Deep cleaning the nursery, including cleaning the carpet
  • Cleaning the carpet in Portable 2
  • Pressure washing the decks, ramps and pavers leading to the portables
  • Filling potholes in the parking area
  • Replacing broken parking stakes
  • Repairing the broken fence in the parking area
  • Hauling junk to the transfer station
  • Removing downed branches around the parking areas and driveway
  • Cleaning parking areas and driveways
  • Pressure washing the sidewalk near the office
  • Replacing the sidewalk lighting
  • Weeding and trimming beds and zones around the building
  • Weeding and trimming the path in the Meditation Grove
  • Mowing around the upper pond

It is truly amazing how much can be accomplished when we come together to support each other and accomplish a goal. If you missed this fun event, think about  joining us next time!

Robert Galloway, Building and Grounds Committee