We are beginning our search for an Interim Minister. This process will be carried out by a committee that Grace Simons has agreed to lead for us. There will be eight stages and deadlines for this process which can be outlined as follows:

I. April 8- 15 Form a committee and begin work.

II. April 17 Application for Interim Minister due to UUA.

III. April 17-29 Develop vision and priorities, Decide on interview questions.

IV. April 30 Receive names of interested Interim Ministers.

V. May 1-8 Provide more information to interest Ministers, Conduct Interviews, check references, conduct background checks.

VI. May 9 Inform UUA of WUUC preferences.

VII. May 11 Make offer to chosen Interim Minister

VIII. If offer accepted; negotiate contract, arrange housing search if required and prepare to welcome our Interim Minister in August.

If our first offer is not accepted we enter round 2 on May 14 and repeat at step IV above to make an offer on May 25. There is a possibility of a round 3 beginning May 30 if necessary. Progress will be announced regularly.