The June meal for the Camp Unity Eastside homeless camp will be on Sunday, June 24 at Northlake Lutheran Church ELCA, 6620 NE 185th St., Kenmore. It and can/will be sponsored by ___ ???____ (fill in your group or committee name here??)!  Contact Lauren Soliday,,  by Sunday, June 10 to “reserve” this spot for your group to help shop, cook and/or serve!!  The menu will be determined hopefully by the group who signs up.  You can even get 4 or 5 friends to get together for June or plan a future meal and date!


Morning Sister Circle members, Carol Pitman, Dorothy Fulton, Stephana Ditzler, Isobel Shiller, Winnie Schnitzler, Terry Santmann (and her friend Steve), Dottie Simpson, Julie Anderson and Lauren Soliday (and a very generous anonymous $$ donor) supplied the ingredients, etc. and/or gathered in the church kitchen on the afternoon of Sunday, March 25 to cook up a delicious Kielbasa Cabbage Stew for the Camp Unity Eastside (CUE) folks.  Then some of the women then went over and served CUE residents a hot and delicious meal. Thank you, Sisters!

A meal well done with lots of fun – in April, Connie Berkowitz, Charlotte Benson, Winnie Schnitzler, John Hilke, Julie Anderson, Beth and John Daynes, Sonja Lyons and Lauren Soliday got together to create and serve a delightful White Chicken Chili for CUE.  Two of Lauren Soliday’s meditation buddies helped as well – Margaret Ellsworth and Neil Hudson.  Thanks to all of these wonderful volunteers!!