By Lauren Soliday
I’m looking for a few kind and generous folks to help feed the homeless. The August meal for the Camp Unity Eastside homeless camp will be on Saturday, Aug. 25 and will be sponsored by ___ ???____ (fill in your group or committee name here??)!  Contact me as soon as possible ( to “reserve” your spot for your group to help shop, cook and/or serve. Menu to be determined hopefully by the group who signs up.  You can even get 4 or 5 friends to get together for August or plan a future meal and date!

 The September meal date is on Sunday, Sept. 30. The Camp Unity Eastside group is located at Northlake Lutheran Church ELCA, 6620 NE 185th St, Kenmore.

A message from the BAG committee which coordinated and served on July 21:  “Just wanted to say that the BAG Committee members provided a meal to Camp Unity and we found it quite satisfying and enjoyable.  The people at the camp were nice and complimentary.  I encourage others to try this sometime. Thanks.” — Robert Condrat

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get all the church committees on board with this – to get together to do something fun and to make the world a better place!!  A chance to LIVE our UU VALUES.

Lauren Soliday,