Consider joining a group that will read Ijeoma Oluo’s “So You Want to Talk About Race.” Oluo is a Seattle-ite and her book has become a best seller.  She was profiled in a recent issue of Real Change. The book is meant to help people who want to talk about issues of race in America and don’t know how to do that, or don’t want to offend, or are afraid they’ll say the wrong thing, or, or… You get the idea.

Grace Simons will lead a five-session group on Wednesday afternoons, starting Sept. 26.  At this time, there’s no paperback edition, but the book is available at the library. (You may have to put a hold on it.)  So – get the book and mark your calendars.  It’s a good read and well worth talking over.

We must have 5 people signed up for this group to go.