I’m so happy to finally be with you as your interim minister.

This summer I moved back to WA from Boston, MA. I actually left from Maine, where I attended a close friend’s ordination, so I really did drive from one edge of the country to the other. On the way out here I attended Ministry Days and General Assembly in St. Louis, visited family in Iowa, and camped with my mother, my sisters, and their children in Iowa, Grand Teton National Park, and Craters of the Moon.

The transitions the past few years have come one after another. It’s been important to take the transition time I needed and to accept and be present with all the feelings and lack of clarity that come with transition. I’ve needed to remind myself that it’s by embracing not-knowing and continuing my spiritual practices that I’d come to the still place in my spirit, which I did. It’s also been important to me that I’ve been with people I love throughout this process. Since arriving in the area I’ve gotten settled into my new home, reconnected with friends out here, and adopted a new doggy companion. There’s a lot of joy in all the beginnings, and with that also come memories and loss that’s sometimes associated with them.

Perhaps you’ve been experiencing some of the same mix of feelings as you think about the coming two years at WUUC and me joining you this month. This past year has brought many changes, which have affected each of you in their own way. I’m thankful to Interim Search Team and the new Transition Team for sharing your journey with me.

The Transition Team and Lori have helped set up dozens of meetings with church committee chairs, board members, and other leaders during the month of August. This will help me get to know WUUC as quickly as possible. While my schedule will be packed, I’m happy to meet with others, too. You can email me at RevDiana@wuuc.org or by calling the church office, 425-788-6044.

I’ll be at the Sunday worship service on Aug. 5 and then preaching on Aug. 12 and 19. I’ll be sharing more about myself and interim ministry then and over the next few months, but if you want to read a bit about me and what I’ll be working on with you, here’s my June newsletter article.

Regarding my schedule, I’ll be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I’m working out what my hours will be for appointments on those days. Fridays will be my sermon-writing and worship prep day (usually with no appointments), and Mondays will be my Sabbath day (no appointments or phone contact). And on Sundays I’ll see you in church!

In Faith,

Rev. Diana