On Aug. 25, we served a wonderful meal to the folks at the homeless encampment the day they finalized their move to a new church in Kirkland.  Many thanks to Charlotte Benson; Kathleen Clancy, Steven Crandell and their kids Josette, Nate & Jo; Donna Johnson; Erica Colmenares; Jennifer Dwyer and her kids Eli and Ruth Brown; John Hilke; and Marcia Sprang.  I was especially excited that we had so many youth present to serve and share in this experience.

In September, our WUUC youth group will plan, cook and serve the meal on Sept. 23!  In October, tentatively, our WUUC Worship committee will do the same – date TBD.  The WUUC Membership Committee will serve a ham dinner with all the trimmings to the CUE folks on Sunday, November 25.

December is open to any group, committee, families, friends who would like to help out!  The WUUC Board is looking to create and serve a meal sometime early in 2019.  I’m so thrilled that so many groups are getting involved in this way!  Remember, wet and cold weather is on the way, and cold and flu season hit these folks especially hard. Please consider joining in this very important activity – Let’s make WUUC known for its generosity!  Any questions, concerns, comments – contact Lauren Soliday, lsoliday@wuuc.org, 206-714-7223.