September is a liminal time of the year when seasons shift and the patterns of our lives change. Similarly, Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church is in a transitional time as a congregation. Liminal, transitional and interim times – times when one thing is shifting into another – are often confusing but they bring many gifts as we reflect on who we have been, what our gifts are, and begin to create a new vision of what we might want to become.

As the days get shorter I’ve been reflecting on what our September theme of Vision might mean for WUUC now. As a I’ve been meeting members and friends of the congregation over the past month I’ve been hearing many visions – visions of what WUUC could be in the future and visions of what people see in WUUC now.

One thing I’ve heard is that many people have more than one vision of WUUC and that those visions build on things that people see at WUUC now. There are compelling reasons that all of us are here, and there are visions we have for where we hope WUUC might be going. I’ve also heard a desire and need to strengthen the covenantal connections in the congregation as we move into the work of reflecting on who WUUC is, your heritage and where you’re heading.

And so, during the month of September I invite you to join me and the rest of the congregation as we create a community art project about Vision!

Every Sunday after the 10 a.m. worship service there will be tables in the back of the sanctuary or out in the lobby for you to draw a picture of your vision of WUUC. On Sept. 2 and 9, when we’re enjoying full community worship, tables will be set up in the sanctuary throughout the service so that children and others can work on pictures during the service. Here’s how to participate:

  • Grab a piece of paper and some crayons or markers.
  • Reflect on one or more of these questions:

o  When do you feel most alive, most joyful, most spiritually connected at WUUC?

o  What is your vision for the coming year or two at WUUC?

o  What do you hope the legacy of WUUC is in 50 years?

o  Are there moments at WUUC now where you experience your vision for WUUC? What are those moments?

  • Draw a picture or doodle of your vision. You can make more than one picture over the month of September.
  • Hang your picture up in the lobby with the blue tape provided or we’ll hang your picture for you.
  • Look at everyone else’s pictures of their vision! Ask people about their vision and tell them what you drew and why!

As you think about your vision and others’ visions of and for WUUC, I invite you to remember that no vision is perfect and that the congregation’s vision is made up of many visions. What are you curious about when you see other people’s visions?

As we begin a new church year, may we enter this liminal time with curiosity, joy and holding space for each other.

Rev. Diana