Each month, WUUC prepares and serves a dinner for the Camp Unity Eastside (CUE) homeless encampment. The camp usually has between 20 and 40 residents and moves to a new location just about every 3 months.

On Aug. 25, we served a wonderful meal to the folks at CUE the day they finalized their move to a new church in Kirkland.  I was especially excited that we had five youth present to serve and share in this experience.

In September, our WUUC youth group planned, cooked and served the meal on Sept. 23. Then, our WUUC group of Ponderers (Big Questions class) will do the same on Oct. 28.  The WUUC Membership Committee will serve a ham dinner with all the trimmings to the CUE folks on Sunday, Nov. 25.   We have a wonderful kitchen here at WUUC that is perfect for gathering with others to prepare a meal and then carpooling together to the site to serve dinner to these grateful folk.

December is being sponsored by the Worship committee, date TBDThe WUUC Board is hoping to sponsor a meal sometime early in 2019.  I’m so thrilled that so many groups are getting involved in this way!  The invitation stands to any group, committee, families, friends who would like to help out!

Wet and cold weather is on the way, and cold and flu season hit these folks especially hard.  Donations of Kleenex, cold medicine and hand warmers, etc. are very much appreciated.  You can see their list of needs on their website.  There is a donation box labeled “CUE” in the hallway near the backdoor. Let’s make WUUC known for its generosity to this community!  Any questions, concerns, comments – contact Lauren Soliday, lsoliday@wuuc.org, 206-714-7223.