Members, did you know that there is an app, Realm Connect, that gives you the most current version of the WUUC directory whenever you need it? It’s so handy that even though I always have a Realm tab open on my phone’s browser, I use the the Connect app when I need to look someone up to call them or if I need to take attendance at a meeting or class. You can also edit your information and who can see it. Look for it in the app store for your device (iOS and Android only).

If you are a member and gave us an email address, you have received an email inviting you to “join your church family,” which is their weird way of saying “log into your Realm account.” We can resend the information if you can’t find it.

Not a member? Consider joining us! Inquirers classes run 9 months a year. Ask Karen Hyams for more information, either in person or via email at