By Lauren Soliday
On Sunday Nov. 25, the Membership committee will gather to prepare and serve a ham dinner with a special brussel sprouts casserole for the folks at Camp Unity Eastside (CUE). The momentum of different committees and groups coming forward to help with this social justice service project is noble and so appreciated. On Dec. 30, the worship committee will sponsor a meal for CUE.  The Board has expressed a desire to get involved in the new year.

In September, the Senior Youth Group sponsored the meal on Sept. 23. Many thanks to our Senior Youth members Carl, Elise, Henry, Finn, Remy, Camlin, Avery, Zoe, Robin and Jo. Special parent support from Kathleen (Jo’s Mom) and Jennifer McKay was appreciated and of course the wonderful leaders Amelia King, Jack Brand and Ashley Lacy. They met at Amelia King’s home to cook and socialize. Then they all went over to the encampment and served the residents. They mentioned that they definitely wanted to do this again!

The “Big Questions” group that meets on Wednesday mornings supplied a majority of the ingredients for the Oct. 28 meal. Lauren Soliday and Jane Matthewson gathered in the church kitchen that Sunday afternoon to cook a delicious Kielbasa Cabbage Stew for the CUE folks, and then served it to the residents later that day. Many thanks go out to Terry Santmann, Wendy Condrat, Dottie Simpson, Isobel Shiller, Winny Hanako, Liz LeMoon, Beth Johnson, Jane Matthewson and Lauren Soliday for your contributions of time, talent and generous donations!

OPPORTUNITY:  If there are other groups (Youth, committees, classes, etc.) who might be interested in sponsoring a meal, please let me know.  You can help choose the date and menu if you like (I can help).  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get all the church committees on board with this – to get together to do something fun and to make the world a better place!!  A chance to LIVE our UU values.

Lauren Soliday