December Newsletter


As we move into December, into the darkness, we find ourselves confronted with a tension or a contradiction between ways of being. Society – the human world – seems to beckon and draw us to ever more busyness, being with ever more people, and ever greater commercialism. At the same time, the natural world is inviting us to come into the darkness with it. It’s inviting us to times of quiet and meditation. To times where we move more deeply into our own spirits and explore our relationship with Mystery.

Sometimes, feeling the pull of these two, we feel caught between them, not knowing which one to move toward, where to deepen, where to build relationships, where our spirits will be nourished. Sometimes we need the quiet dark, the stillness, to deepen our relationship with Mystery and with ourselves. And sometimes we need companionship and community to find new ways of experiencing Mystery and learning ourselves.

As we move into December, into the darkness, may we hold these two poles in delicate and creative tension. May you, may we find ways of being together that help us deepen and connect even as we allow ourselves to be nourished by the quiet darkness. May we deepen in our relationship with mystery as the darkness grows. May we find in the deep stillness what our spirits need, individually and as a community.