The WUUC Board of Trustees met twice in November and has decided to continue meeting twice a month in the new year as we try to address both regular business issues and interim and development work.

At the first of these meetings, we welcomed Rev. Tandi, our regional UUA congregational life staff member, who discussed the importance of creating a covenantal relationship between the Board and the Interim Minister. This discussion also gave rise to the idea of developing a covenant of right relations for the congregation as a whole. The Board continued discussion on this topic after Rev. Tandi left and has continued to work on language for such potential covenants through the work of a sub-committee.

At it’s second meeting, the Board gratefully accepted a bequest from Dorothy Fulton and had an extended discussion with Rev. Diana about her initial Interim Minister Board Report. The Board also discussed a proposal from ASJ regarding implementation of the Congregational Resolution in Support of Movements for Black Lives. As a result, the Board voted to re-initiate the taskforce assigned to develop an implementation plan for the resolution.  The Board decided to involve representatives of the board, ASJ and the congregation in this task group. The meeting concluded with a discussion of the notes from the Listening Circles and how to further the process of the interim work facilitated by those conversations.

The board is reading and discussing a book recommended by Rev. D called “Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times.” We invite members of the congregation to do the same. Members of the board are finding the book’s focus on being calm and courageous to be  particularly inspiring.

The Board will next meet on Dec 20.

Check out the most recent board minutes Here