At its most recent Board meeting of Dec. 20, the Board discussed the following:

  • DD Hilke and Hilarie Cash presented to the Board a proposal for congregational conversations to follow-up from the Listening Circles. DD and Hilarie will facilitate these open-ended conversations, the first which is expected to be organized in the next few weeks.
  • Starting Feb 2-3, WUUC will host Rev. Duane Fickeisen, WUUC’s transition coach, who will start our conversations about forming a ministerial search committee and the Board’s role in assisting that committee.
  • John Hilke reported that the Board Covenant sub-committee has come up with draft covenants for the Board and for the Board’s relations with the Interim Minister. The Board will continue to work on this project at its next meeting and expects to pass along the result of its work to a Right Relations Team which will be formed in the spring.
  • The Board began a review of a draft summary from the recent Listening Circles. The Board aims to release to the congregation a final version of the summary prior to the conversations mentioned in #1 above.
  • The Board authorized ASJ to form an externally facing Helping Hands Fund. More details will be forthcoming along with the January ASJ plate collection.
  • The Board continued its discussion about mission-based budgeting and agreed to work with Staff and the Ministries Council on a list of mission elements which will be used to break out the line-item budget into a mission-based budget.
  • The Board discussed Rev. Diana’s ministry report which was gratefully received and covers a multitude of important elements in the interim process.
  • The Board discussed the new process-observer role which was instituted at this meeting.
  • The Board notes for the community that the most recent draft board minutes will now be available on the credenza near the office. If by any chance there aren’t any physical copies left, please contact Terry Santmann at for a copy.

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