At the board’s business meeting on Jan. 18, there were just two topics:  the upcoming minister search process that will be the subject of a second town hall on Feb. 3 and the budget town hall on Jan. 27.  Both topics were discussed in some depth, and several proposals were approved to bring before the congregation. All members and friends of WUUC are encouraged to attend the second meeting. It will take place shortly after the end of the worship service and will be held in the sanctuary.

Regarding the minister search: The board had a very informative video conference with our UUA liaison, Rev. Tandi Rogers. The discussion was based on materials that she sent about various minister search options. Rev. Tandi originally suggested that WUUC use the developmental minister search process, but said she also thought that the traditional settled minister search process could work well for WUUC. After much discussion, the board agreed to approach the congregation about using a hybrid approach. The basic idea is to start with the traditional settled minister search process with the expectation of calling a settled minister. But WUUC would proceed with the awareness that, IF the traditional minister search process runs into obstacles pointing toward the potential for better success with a developmental minister search process, we could shift accordingly to search for a developmental minister.

This hybrid approach is feasible because the developmental minister search process is typically much shorter, particularly if the congregation has been doing the work required to proceed with the traditional settled minister search. The main obstacles to WUUC’s success with the traditional search process might be extreme divisions about what we are looking for in a settled minister or a lack of candidates who appear to approximate the preferences of the congregation. To learn more and provide some feedback about these options, please attend the town hall about the minister search that will be held on Feb. 3.

Regarding the budget: Modifications to committee requests and suggestions from board members were approved for presentation at the budget town hall meeting. In general, the board agreed to follow the approach used last year, focusing on the modified expenditure requests from the committees and the likely expenses of the ministerial search process. The board also agreed to present two different ways of slicing the budget in an attempt to make the budget process more transparent and informative. The first will be the traditional budget that organizes expenditures by type. That means breaking proposed expenditures into traditional categories such as staff costs, committee expenses, and building costs. The second approach is referred to as a mission or program budget. It allocates proposed expenditures by mission or purpose. For this first effort at presenting a mission-based budget, we will distinguish (1) expenditures that support transformation and personal development within our congregation, (2) expenditures to support WUUC community building, (3) expenditures to support the wider local community, and (4) expenditures to support the wider UU community.  As you might imagine, the mission-based budget requires allocating staff time, building use, and funds to these mission-based categories. The board will be seeking feedback on whether this additional breakdown of budget requests is informative and helpful to congregation members.


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