Part of the Interim Minister’s job is to assess systems in the church with an outsider’s eye. One thing Reverend Diana has focused on is accessibility in the building and in our practices.

One part of being an accessible, welcoming congregation is the use of name badges. You are saying something more than your name when you put on your badge.

Here is an incomplete list of people who benefit when you wear your name badge:

  • People with memory problems
  • People trying to engage with a new community
  • People who do not easily identify faces, or pair them with names.
  • New staff


In other words, name tags make WUUC more welcoming and accessible.  This creates an environment that is safe and inclusive. People want to be part of that and will stick around.


If your badge is in your car, round it up and put it on. If you need a new one, there is a sheet in the lobby. We also now have gender pronoun stickers to make ourselves more welcoming to more people!