At its meeting on Feb. 5, the Board finalized adjustments to the Director of Lifelong Learning compensation package and took up the issue of congregational covenants. A task force of the Board has composed three draft covenants with a nested design: one devoted to relationships among board members; one devoted to relationships between the Board and the Interim Minister; and one that outlines the Board’s hope of how a covenant of right relations might work across the entire congregation. As part of that discussion, we also exchanged preliminary ideas about forming a committee for congregational Right Relations. As well, the matter of the Board holding executive meetings was raised as an issue of concern.

.The Board is undertaking completion of a UUA-required Interim Ministry Appraisal and appointed a task group to work on compiling the views of individual board members and members of the Transition Team.  (Note: the Transition Team provides feedback and advice to the Interim Minister.  The congregation is welcome to give input to the Transition Team whose members are Chick Sweeney (co-chairperson), Alaine David (co-chairperson), Chuck Bean, Leslie Morton, Cora Goss-Grubbs, and Robin Heffelman.)

The Board will begin the process of forming a Ministerial Search Committee by developing a script for conversations with all church members to solicit nominations to the committee.  Board members will hold small group conversations on March 3 and March 10 before and after Sunday service to get the most people covered, then follow-up with phone calls to all members not yet represented. Jim will email information to the congregation. 

At its second meeting of the month on Feb. 28, the Board developed a composite answer for each of the questions on the Interim Ministry Appraisal based on the numerous individual responses received. The Interim Minister completes her own appraisal as well.  In March, the Board and the Interim Minister will exchange these finalized appraisal documents. The Board further discussed governance and covenant issues at this meeting, as well as the potential creation of a Right Relations team.  It was decided to postpone further development of this new team until later in the year.