From the WUUC Worship Team

The March theme for worship, RE, and small groups at WUUC is: What Does It Mean to be a People of Journey? Our monthly themes and resource materials come from Soul Matters Sharing Circle, a network of Unitarian Universalist congregations. See the link to this month’s materials at the bottom of this article.

Spiritual journeys are not simply about finding your true self, but also about untangling from your old self. We might think about Journeys In – Meditation; Journeys Out – Pilgrimage; Journeys of Justice; Journey Beginnings; and Journey Endings:

  • Some journeys take place outside us; others take place inside us.
  • We grow when we make a journey that challenges us.
  • We speak out for justice in many ways. One way is to take journeys called marches and protests; we walk/move/roll together to move justice forward.
  • We begin as blessings; the journey of life is about sharing our blessings.
  • The end of life is a time to celebrate all the gifts that the person gave with their life.


Where we had thought to travel outward,

we will come to the center of our own existence;

where we had thought to be alone,

we shall be with all the world.

       – Joseph Campbell


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